The Science Behind Fat Freezing

The Science Behind Fat Freezing

For many years, I followed what was written in The Foundation (Part 1) of my book, The Ice Sculpture Diet, and saw great, short-term success. Then, I discovered a new way to remove a crazy amount of fat from targeted areas of my body.

Once I built a routine around this method, with The Foundation to start, the results I achieved were fantastic. I gained a new way of looking at fat loss, and you will too.

Let’s dive into the latest in fat reduction methods: at-home fat freezing.

Many people haven’t heard about fat freezing as a method for targeting and reducing fat. Others have heard about it but didn’t know it was possible to do easily at home. The first reaction I get when I explain this technique from The Ice Sculpture Diet is usually doubt. You can freeze fat and make it disappear? You might be thinking this too.

I was also skeptical about fat freezing until I added it to my overall plan and started seeing my abs again. The results were so good that I kept it in my weekly routine for maintenance, even after I had a six-pack. After experiencing this success, I knew I had to share my experience with others. In case it isn’t clear yet, fat freezing works. Let’s talk about how.

How Fat Freezing Works

There’s a method to the madness. You don’t want to simply place ice packs on random parts of your body. In fact, you will hurt yourself if you do this. What I’m going to show you in this chapter is a safe way to use ice wraps to reduce fat. I call this process fat freezing, but the technical term is cold-induced fat apoptosis (CIFA).

I remember first hearing about CIFA back in 2017 and thinking to myself, There is no possible way this could work, or I would’ve heard about it by now. I’m grateful I was willing to open my mind and research more. What I discovered ended up being the one thing that worked for getting rid of that stubborn belly fat that I had since I was a kid.

CIFA works for one simple reason: fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than surrounding skin and other tissue. If you can create an environment where fat cells freeze without affecting the skin, muscle, or other cells near the fat, you can target the fat closest to the skin for an overall reduction in fat.

It’s important to know that there are two types of fat in the body. There’s visceral fat, which is the fat stored deeper in your body, surrounding your organs. Then, there’s subcutaneous fat, or the fat that is closest to the surface of your skin.

If you follow the steps outlined in The Foundation, you will be reducing both visceral and subcutaneous fat. In The Freeze, we’re looking to specifically reduce subcutaneous fat using fat freezing methods. Fat freezing is the icing on the cake for this plan; it allows us to get leaner even when the scale isn’t moving.

I’m going to walk you through the entire Ice Sculpture Freeze Routine soon. You’ll be able to easily follow along and see results using this and The Foundation. First, let’s look at how CIFA was discovered and the science behind it so that we understand our options.

How CIFA Was Discovered

In 1970, two doctors, Dr. Mark Oren and Dr. Ervin Epstein, discovered and coined the term “popsicle panniculitis.”

Oren and Epstein were investigating the case of a toddler who was brought into their office. The child had developed dimples shortly after eating a popsicle. They hypothesized that the popsicle was held against the infant’s inner cheek long enough that it damaged the fat cells in the infant’s cheek. This left the child with a cold-induced dimple, hence the name “popsicle” panniculitis. Panniculitis, by the way, is the medical term for when bumps form in subcutaneous fat.

Oren and Epstein coined the term but didn’t do much else with their discovery. Years passed before other researchers began wondering if the method could be used for more targeted fat loss. Today, we know of several methods for freezing fat off the body.

What’s amazing about fat freezing is that it can cause fat cells to be permanently removed from your body. Fat cells rarely die on their own. Once they are created, they shrink or grow based on your diet. Fat freezing gives your body a way to remove these cells entirely. Once fat cells are frozen long enough, your body naturally begins to remove them through its cleanup process.

Your body may make more fat cells if your diet isn’t in check, though. This is why my book starts with The Foundation to keep you prepared.

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